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Prices range from $100-$120 per hour according to your chosen therapist and service.
All prices are visible when you select "Book Now"

Thai Massage

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 Often called "lazy man's yoga' because your massage therapist passively positions your limbs, providing gentle stretches for you. You do not need to be flexible to receive this type of massage. However, you may walk away from your session feeling like your legs are a little bit longer, you are standing a little bit taller and can move more freely.

* Please wear comfortable, loose-fitting or stretchy long sleeved clothing like sweats or yoga pants for this fully clothed session.

This deeply relaxing massage is performed on a floor mat rather than a massage table. Your therapist will use her hands, feet, and forearms to apply rhythmic compression through your clothing.

Our Thai massage room is uniquely equipped with custom designed bars, to seemlessly incorporate ashiatsu type of foot pressure into our Thai massage sessions. 

Ashiatsu Massage

The safest most relaxing version of having someone 'walk on your back'. Do you ever wish that your massage therapist had bigger hands or could give you more pressure? If so this massage might be for you. Using overhead handrails for stabilized control, Ashiatsu allows your therapist to use her body weight to apply pressure through her feet. The advantage is broad, even pressure. The soft padded surface of the foot can go deep without provoking the same muscle guarding response that the sharper pressure from elbows and knuckles often do. The extra weight applied in broad strokes calms your nerves in the same way that a weighted thunder-blanket can soothe pets. This effect causes many of our clients to fall asleep while receiving incredibly deep and therapeutic body work.


Prenatal Massage

This massage is recommended for women who are between the earliest stage of their second trimester all the way up to 'past due.' In this massage we make sure you feel fully supported with pillows (usually in side-lying position). You may also chose to use a special contour cushion to lay facedown for part of your massage. A wedge pillow is available for a semi-reclining position as well. Prenatal sessions focus on whatever discomforts are currently affecting you, whether it is low back and hip pain, round ligament strain, foot fatigue, ankle swelling, carpal tunnel or just good-old neck and shoulder tension. 

Hot Stone Massage

Feel like you need a sedative for tense muscles or a brain that won't shut off? Or maybe you just want to treat yourself or a loved one to something extra-special...then this massage is a perfect choice. In each session we place either smooth, heated basalt stones or exfoliating Himalayan salt stones along your back and other key areas. We massage both with and without the hot stones in hand. The advantage is that we are combining the muscle relaxing and circulation promoting effects of heat with traditional massage.

Hot Stones
Neck Massage

Therapeutic Massage

This massage is a hands-only classic and great for those who prefer a lighter touch. (For deep tissue work I usually recommend Ashiatsu). Your therapist may use a combination techniques such as swedish massage, neuromuscular therapy, trigger-point therapy, myofascial release, cupping and/or reflexology. Pressure is customized to your comfort level and we rely heavily on client feedback. Sessions can be tailored to target specific problem areas or can be a more general relaxation style full-body massage.

Cloud 9 Add-On

Hate having to rush off after your massage? Silence your phone for an extra half an hour. Allow yourself to drift off on cloud 9 for a 20 minute restorative power-nap. Wake up to hot tea and an additional 10 minutes of relaxation before you have to face the world. Great for anyone who is constantly on the go and is in need of a little peace and quiet. 

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