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Meet the Team

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Gregory is our newest addition! He is offering occasional hours as he builds his practice here. He has enjoyed practicing massage therapy since he graduated from the Colorado Institute of Massage Therapy in 2018. 

Gregory is trained in Visceral and Neural manipulation through the Barral institute and has studied Craniosacral Therapy with the Upledger Institute. He also has a background in reflexology and Reiki.

He embraces the beginner's mindset by continually renewing what he has learned.  He is constantly expanding his study of human anatomy so that he can give specific attention to those areas of the body which are in need. 

Gregory Koplow


Stephanie has been with us since Fall of 2021.

She prides herself on finding "all the spots" and loves to incorporate stretching into her sessions. Stephanie excels at getting the pressure just right.

A graduate of Colorado Institute of Massage Therapy, Stephanie is a Licensed Massage Therapist with certification in Neuromuscular Therapy, Hot Stone Massage, and Thai Yoga Massage. She has a passion for learning, is currently working towards her Deep Feet Ashiatsu certification .


Stephanie is inspired by the capacity of therapeutic massage to help others stay healthy and active. She enjoys collaborating with clients to set goals and focus on what matters most, whether that is having less pain, greater range of motion, faster recovery time or improved sleep.

Stephanie Tompkins

Hannah opened Serendipity Massage Therapy in 2008 to focus on providing quality massage. She grew up in woods of Southern Pennsylvania along the Appalachian Trail.  

Immediately after High School, she attended the small and local Synergy Healing Arts Center and Massage School in Blue Ridge Summit, Pa. She graduated in 2002 and has been joyously practicing massage ever since!

Hannah moved to Colorado Springs in 2014 to be close to her grandma and loves daily hikes with her dogs! 

She holds additional certifications in Ashiatsu, Prenatal (Pregnancy) Massage, and Thai Yoga Massage.

Her massage technique tends to be intuitive. Using a gentle, but firm touch she relies on my clients' feedback to expertly pinpoint the line where therapeutic pressure and deep relaxation intersect.

Hannah Moghbel

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